Evertrust Japan was founded in November 2011 to provide investment, finance, and consulting services to enterprises both inside and outside Japan.
In the 21st century, the business environment of Japan and the world has evolved significantly, with its speed, in particular, accelerating in recent years. Also, uncertainty in the world has increased and people's values and needs have become much more diversified. Amidst this environment, we are trying to aggressively evolve into a unique and innovative business that is flexible enough to make expeditious decisions and seize opportunities.
Our company logo is a circular and undulating pattern; a representation of the coming together of the earth, cultural exchange, person-to-person connections, and fusion of businesses and innovation. It was created as an image of fostering business partnerships with all of our stakeholders. Our business model, corporate philosophy, and code of conduct are best represented through our company logo.
Evertrust Japan aims to assemble the expertise of our professionals who have built up considerable experience in a variety of industries, and contribute these skills to society by creating innovative business value propositions.
We are committed to ensuring sustainable growth with all of our partners. We appreciate your continued support in this quest.

Evertrust Japan Co. Ltd.

Management Strategy

Business scale and "concentration and selection"

We believe that optimizing the allocation of management resources in response to the business environment is the key to creating and increasing business value. We aim for reasonable growth by emphasizing appropriate concentration and selection, rather than simply increasing scale.

Regional Strategy

In light of future business circumstances, we adhere to the concept that globalization is essential for improving business value. In particular, companies need to bolster their business foundation while considering overseas expansion with an emphasis on Asia, where future growth is expected.

Code of Conduct

Our business

We, Evertrust Japan (ETJ), strives to work with corporations to formulate and implement solutions for management challenges, then translate those solutions into future growth. With our fund raising capabilities, we are committed to leveraging our greatest strength—our broad based business network—to continue evolving to meet the needs of the age.

Food Products Business - Bringing smiles to the world with the unique power of food

Evertrust Japan (ETJ) delivers financial support and consulting to food producers both inside and outside Japan. We help provide consumers with safe and reliable food products, carefully controlled for quality, mainly through Evertrust Foods Co., Ltd., a Vietnamese company that markets freshly frozen seafood from Vietnamese coastal waters. Going forward, ETJ plans to further strengthen its business with each partner, expand our production bases in Japan and in Southeast Asia, and strive to create higher value added products.

Financial & Investment Business - Commitment beyond financial arrangements

The core business of Evertrust Japan (ETJ) is capital investing, lending and business consulting for companies both inside and outside Japan. We support numerous companies with our capital strategies, and unique value-add solutions that go beyond the confines of financial services.

Fashion Business - Boldly and meticulously embellishing the world with beauty

Evertrust Japan (ETJ) imports fashion items produced in Europe and the US and distributes them to department stores and major select stores. ETJ continues pursuing new possibilities in the fashion business, while connecting the various sales channels of wholesaling, on-line retailing, in-store retailing etc.

Overseas Business - ETJ solutions available beyond Japan

Evertrust Japan is expanding its group operations outside Japan as well with Evertrust Foods Co., Ltd., which processes tuna and salmon at its own plant in Vietnam, then exports the finished products to Japan. Our overseas efforts leverage Japan's high technical prowess and quality control expertise to contribute to local employment and technological giants in our partner countries.
Our focus is to provide whatever necessary, with a borderless approach, to affect long-term business growth.

System Development Business - Providing connections between ETJ and consumers through an invisible bond (network)

Our System Development Business takes charge of the websites of Evertrust Japan (ETJ) Group companies as well as the planning, development and administration of information systems used for financial institutions. This business is pursued from a wealth of experience and with a flexible mindset, following a motto of "simplified and user-friendly." We aim to support the networks of ETJ, while proposing system solutions that meet the needs of corporate clients and extend our accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Company Overview

Name Evertrust Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Takahide Kanayama
Address 4th floor Ginza ME Bldg., 8-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 81-3-6280-6960
Founded November 4, 2011
Business areas Food products
Financing & investing
Overseas business
System development
Paid-in capital 50,000,000 yen
Employees 21 (600 Group employees) as of Jan. 1, 2019